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Introduction to the Workshop

An introduction to this pre-workshop study material and a chance to meet your instructors.

Health Science Basics

Lesson monographs on Medical Terminology/ Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology/ General Chemistry/ Basic Hematology/ Digestion.

How You Rot & Rust

Secrets uncovered and explored through the use of microscopes, meters, measures and more through a reading of the text of How You Rot & Rust and a preview of the live presentation slides. 

High Complexity Placebomes

The IT that heals may be more than you think. One thing we may be doing for our clients tomorrow is engaging them in high complexity placebomes, a scientific protocol with interesting research behind it.

Microscope Technology

Going through the technology of the amazing microscope.

LB1 Qualitative Live Blood Microscopy

Understanding live blood under the microscope; red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, exosomes, peripheral plaque and more. This qualitative live blood microscopy section is in 3 parts.

LB1 Recorded Lectures

Recorded videos of prior class lectures covering the understanding of Live Blood under the microscope.

Live Blood Part 2

Expanding the peripheral plaque phenomenon with the work of Dr. Keiichi Morishita and the relationship of plaque formations to the Bong Han Vessel / Primo Vascular meridian system.

Live Blood Part 3

Part 3 - a continuation on Live Blood microscopy with a summary overview on the contribution of Emanuel Revici MD.

The Pathology Determination Test

Pathology Determination Test – A Basis for Cancer Diagnosis’, is a simple microscopy process pioneered at Spears Chiropractic Hospital in the 1950’s with 99% accuracy yet…

The Oxidative Stress Test

Understanding oxidative clot retraction blood markers through simple microscopic testing.

OST Recorded Lectures

Recorded videos of prior class lectures covering the PDT / dry layer / oxidative stress test.

Practicum Supplemental

Practice pointers and more. White blood cell counts using manual counters with your microscope, blood type, diets and lectins from A to Z, peripheral plaque ear lobe blood sampling...

Flow Systems Auditing

This module looks at getting the quantitative numbers that lie behind the qualitative microscopic picture.…

The Oral Microbiome

Identifying oral spirochetosis and more through the microscope and connecting the oral microbiome to overall health.

Protocols & Viewpoints

Covering diets, supplements, and practical applications of the periodic table of the elements vis a vis Emanuel Revici's incredible insights on properly using it to address health issues.

Urine Microscopy & More

Urine for a surprise as we cover not only the microscopy of urine using your microscope to uncover what it has to tell, but also the use of urine through what has been called urine therapy.

On Water

This module explores water as it is fundamentally the universal healing medium as it records and holds information useful for correcting and restoring life processes.

The Biological Reset Center

Gearing up your health practice to incorporate regenerative, anti-aging and self-healing processes to create your own Biological Reset Center.

Inside Law

Guidelines in foundational law to help you work privately and protect your practice from government over-reach.

Marketing & Promotion

Brochures, client information handouts, access to PR Webdrive and more.

Mentor Network

Get tutor time inside our mentor network.

Explore! Magazine

‘Explore! Magazine for the Professional’ Direct from the publisher, issues that were still available back…

Articles & Papers

Relevant research articles and papers.

Book Repository

Historical, difficult to find, and out of print reference textbooks to further your understanding and studies...

Audio Tracks & Podcasts

A selection of audio tracks and podcasts pertinent to this work.

Video Tracks & Vlogcasts

A variety of video tracks and special video blogcasts on pertinent subjects related to this work.

Zeta Potential with Dr. TC McDaniel

Zeta Potential is a measure of a basic law of nature and one of the greatest discoveries for the health benefit of mankind. Yet, being one of the greatest concepts for understanding health in the human condition, it is completely unknown by front line health care workers for lack of it being taught in medical and other health care curriculums.

Legal Guidelines for the Natural Health Care Practitioner

In this module, Jim Jordan, former Chicago attorney turned health consultant and wellness educator, uncovers the legal keys to protect your holistic health care practice.

Health Science Basics Plus

Additional self study monographs pertinent to gaining a deeper understanding of many topics that may be important to you in your health care work.

The Revici Files

Emanuel Revici is the medical doctor Albert Einstein called a genius. This module supports a deep dive into membrane dynamics and issues with the tissues through Revici's written work and numerous patents.

Certificate: Qualitative Live Cell Microscopy

This module covers the testing of your proficiencies and understandings to presenting qualitative live cell…

Certificate: Epigenetics, Biological Terrain & Flow Auditing Dynamics

This module covers the assessment of your proficiencies and understandings to presenting concepts of epigenetic,…

Certificate: Practitioner Health Advocate

This module covers the assessment of your proficiencies and understandings to presenting and working with a full range of wellness and health care modalities.
Pulsed Harmonix PEMF

Pulsed Harmonix PEMF

Up to 2200 Gauss pulsed magnetic field generator. The most powerful and price efficient PEMF available to health care practitioners today. Includes True Pulse A2000 unit, 2 pad applicators that let you treat 2 clients at the same time, butterfly coil mitt for spot sessions, flexible belt pouch, wheeled equipment cart to hold unit and accessories let you move it around easily.

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