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WELCOME to the Biomedx online repository of niche health education course modules. These are here to help you more powerfully understand, apply, and even grow your own revolutionary ideas & technologies for the health benefit of you, your family, your clients, your practice. These modules support pre-study for the Biomedx live hands-on workshops as well as post-workshop followup and continuing education. Access to this material is done through a member framework.

MEMBERSHIPS If you are a health care practitioner at some level, a coach or health advocate, or perhaps just a health enthusiast, the memberships here will get our material into your hands.

PAY JUST ONCE for this private membership and you’ve got perpetual access. As new modules are created for your member level or existing ones have information added, that material will just show up for you.

NICHE KNOWLEDGE is what you’ll find here. Yet the material is critically important to having a working view and a depth of understanding certain aspects of health science that's just not covered in accredited health academic programs. Reasons for this vary but in many cases the material is simply unknown or it’s been seen or used at one time and then along the way it got buried and forgotten, or it just doesn't fit into a specific agenda.

LEARNWELL – as in Learn Wellness – will be making this material accessible on a continuing, growing, on-going basis. This is our niche. We don’t compete with existing accredited health programs or others, but simply provide hard to find adjunct information and structure it in a way to give you an edge and help you expand on your existing base of health knowledge whatever that may be. As part of our own health advocacy outreach we have included a lot of free access material here as well for everyone. Thank you for visiting.

The LearnWell


Is what we teach.

The Qualitative is what you can see.
Blood, urine, gingival/saliva – biology under the microscope.

The Quantitative is what you can measure.
Meters, dipsticks, biofeedback, labs, targeted Q&A.

The Quantumtative is what you can explore.
Quantum physics of holographic microscopy, imprinting body water, biofield encoding, light geometry and more.

Our Wellness


Is what you’ll embrace.

If you are sick there is only one way to fix it, be healthy! Because if you’re healthy you can’t be sick.

Discount nothing, explore everything, do what works which does no harm.

Know what healthy is and what healthy does.

Learn to see it, measure it, manage it, promote it, do it.

Our Member Modules

Health Science PDQ

That would be Health Science Pretty Darn Quick. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Medical Terminology, Hematology, Pharmacology, and more are sections…

How You Rot & Rust

Aging is about you rotting and rusting. Disease as well moves via these two pathways by way of pathological hyperplasia (rot) or pathological disintegration (rust) or some…

Live Blood Microscopy

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing one’s own blood live under the microscope; priceless. Every medical student has exposure to hematology, almost none…

Dry Blood Microscopy

Dry Layer blood clot retraction patterns reflect the footprint of rust in the body. It offers a qualitative visual illustration of the extent or magnitude of oxidative dysregulation…

PDT Microscopy

‘Pathology Determination Test – A Basis for Cancer Diagnosis’, is a simple microscopy process pioneered at Spears Chiropractic Hospital in the 1950’s with 99% accuracy yet…

Dental Microscopy

Spirochetosis of the mouth. Decidedly important as oral spirochetes have been found in the brains of diabetics and those with Alzheimers. Want to see spirochetes in your…

Happy Blood

Doing microscopy with children is an amazing opportunity to bring science into their lives and teach them about health at the same time. We’ve developed a children’s book for…

Holographic Blood

The Hemobiographic auditing of blood was pioneered by Harvey Biglesen MD when 1000’s of patient viewings consistently showed holographic imaging in the blood of issues…

The Microscope

The microbiology we see in us though the microscope can have macro-biological significance to our health. Seeing it all properly demands the right optics and…

Cardio Know

Blood is a colloidal suspension under the control of zeta potential. Pretty basic stuff yet no medical program teaches this essential perspective to their students leaving them…

Membrane Dynamics

Emanuel Revici MD pioneered new ways of thinking about membranes based on lipid structure which launched new ways of working with cancer and so much more, yet…

The Revici Files

Albert Einstein called him a genius. His patients called him the doctor that cures cancer. New York didn’t think so and at age 94 while still in practice they yanked his medical license…

GENergy 101

ATP, mitochondria, fat, sugar,
deamination, digestion, ionization, acid blood, alkaline blood, dietary lectins – it all plays a role in human generative energy and the dynamics…


Understanding that issues with the autonomic nervous system is more than just sympathetic stress, like how parasympathetic stress empowers asthma, allergies, cancer…

pH Dynamics

No, everyone is NOT too acid as the reason they are sick and many are simply too alkaline. There is a lot of pH myth rolling around, here we’ll sort through the issues and give you…

Urine the Know

Where pH concepts for health have been a popular topic for many consumers, so has urine therapy. Urine for a surprise how this can be supportive of health concerns…

Terrain Measuring Tools

Guide to using pH meters, refractometers, conductivity testers, ORP/rH2 units, dipsticks, dermagraphic testing and more to gain the terrain measures you can use to manage…


From the Biomedx perspective it’s assimilating the knowledge of these modules, taking your client data and organizing it specifically so you can think through the physio…

The Biological Reset

Regenerative cell and anti-aging therapies is where all these modules lead and putting them to use in a Biological Reset Center as a business model is what this module covers…

Inside Law

No, the government is not your friend. Where health care is concerned they run a protection racket and if you’re not on the inside then you better learn how to be safe on the outside…

The Magazine Vault

‘Explore! Magazine for the Professional’ back to its inception is what you’ll find here. For two decades many of the world’s leading altmed practitioners published articles leaving a treasure trove for practitioners. Available to our all access membership.

The Book Vault

Old books long forgotten that teach effective healing methods that have been buried are what we bring to this vault. Gain insights in how to fix many of today’s pressing health issues which the mainstream is oblivious. Available to our all access membership.

Certificate Track

A special module available through request which provides the exams for those seeking to obtain a Certificate as a Practitioner Health Advocate which some private associations, practice groups, or others might want you to have when you are working with them.

The Biomedx Workshop

This section is only available to workshop participants to provide pre-study before they attend a the live hands-on program at the Biomedx Biotorium. It is at the workshops  where the many concepts here are covered in a real time hands-on fashion. 

Free Access Material

View any given module above that is of interest to find which of that material is unlocked and has free sections available.


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