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WELCOME to Biomedx EDU

Our online repository of niche health education course modules for practitioners and enthusiasts wanting to engage wholly unique tools and processes to help people become responsibly health-focused, self-healing, and wellness motivated.

Biomedx Biotorium Health Learning Lab

20+ Years of Live Workshops

Since 1996 Biomedx has presented live hands-on workshops helping attendees think through physiology in new ways while teaching how to use qualitative live cell microscopy, meters, measures and more to dynamically educate others in how to be healthy.

This has successfully put many into new careers and empowered existing practitioners with a style of health advocacy that has been positively impacting the health and lives of many in ways few other methods can achieve.

Subject of Rave Reviews!

Rave reviews for our workshop and material that spans an intense 38 hours over 3 1/2 days has driven us to regularly further the curriculum.

While its jam packed, powerful, and can put people into gear fast, attendees nevertheless regularly return for that workshop experience and encourage us to give them more of what we do.

And here it is - Biomedx EDU - oodles more layers of workshop topics segmented into learning modules for more expansive study.

And for those that can't make it to a live program, you get access too!


We'll Engage You
With Our

is what you can see.
Biology under the microscope.
Blood, urine, gingival.
Visually audit the 'Life in the Blood' and more with your clients to discover unseen stress vectors in their health moving them to make positive change.
Provides Unmatched Client Motivation, Excitement, and Referral Potential
is what you can measure.
Meters, dipsticks, biofeedback, labs, targeted Q&A.
Objectively define a client's situational physiology at a core level while giving them the tools to manage their own health with your active guidance. 
Uncovers the Situational Physiology Answering the Why and the How
is what you can explore.
Holographic microscopy, imprinting body water, biofield encoding...
Take yourself and your clients into a health care service model that brings the quantum future of tomorrow's healthcare into today.
Unprecedented Targeting and Management of Biological Individuality

Our Wellness Viewpoint

If you are sick there is only one way to fix it:

Be healthy! Because if you’re healthy you can’t be sick.

With our Q-Collective you'll learn to see it, measure it, manage it, promote it, do it.

And your clients will love you for it!

Join us and receive layers of knowledge to put this perspective into practice.

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Our Member Sections


Our entire live workshop manual in 20 modules. Includes add-on material and prior course video recordings. Open for continual updating, you get it when it happens.

Supplemental Modules

Additional learning modules to go deeper into selected topics like: the works of Emanuel Revici, TC McDaniel (zeta potential) private archived seminar recordings, legal guidelines workshop, exosome research, & more.

Certificate Paths

Take your knowledge here and get assessed for your understanding. Turn it into certificates worthy of framing. 

Multimedia Vault

Access to supporting research papers and articles, historic book repository and Explore! Magazine archive, bonus audio and video tracks, practitioner marketing material. 

Mentor Access

Access to mentors and group learning channels for personal guidance through any module material. Select as needed.  Join a workshop learning channel as they're made available.  

Business Resources

Special offers of various nature; discounts on trade equipment, workshop coupons, third party programs, public relations and target marketing, web development and promotional resources.


Our Member Material...

When you Join this Platform
You Become a Biomedx VIP!

This membership gives you lifetime access to the Biomedx ‘Core 20’ collection (reviewed below). This is the complete live hands-on workshop manual (which some have called the Biomedx Bible Binder) that is now online.

There are also plenty of extras online that were not possible to provide in the older hard copy format that people would get at a live workshop.

This is also all the material for any online programs that may be done for those that can't make it to a live event.

Just as with our old physical binder, this core 20 collection will see periodic updates and here they can be more expansive as we have no physical or hard copy printing limits.

We can also now include more supporting papers, articles, and continual video additions to support the education which the various modules offer.

Once you are a Biomedx VIP you will have continual access to all updates as they happen.

This membership also includes…

… selected video recordings of prior live workshop presentations.

… a discount coupon for your first (or next) attendance to a Biomedx Biotorium live hands-on workshop which will limit your cost of the three and a half day live program to $1000.

… periodic special member offers to third party programs, equipment and more as they become available.

Here's our Core 20 Workshop Modules:

These modules contain all of the material used for our live hands-on Health Foundations Workshop, both the pre-study preparation material as well as everything from our massive 3-ring workshop binder and more.

When getting into a module you will find most of the material for each one breaks down into sections and segments.

Below is a quick rundown of each module.

biomedx core 20 modules

INT - Module 1 - Introduction. Review intro to the workshop study material and a chance to meet your instructors.

HSB - Module 2 - Health Science Basics. Five lesson monographs as a refresher if needed or as a basic introduction if these sciences are new to you. Monographs cover Medical Terminology; Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology; General Chemistry; Hematology Basics; Digestion.

HRR - Module 3 - How You Rot & Rust. Secrets uncovered and explored through the use of microscopes, meters, measures and more through a reading of the book How You Rot & Rust and a preview of the live presentation slides.

HCP - Module 4 - High Complexity Placebomes. The IT that heals may be more than you think. One thing we may be doing for our clients tomorrow is engaging them in high complexity placebomes, a scientific protocol with interesting research behind it.

MST - Module 5 - Microscope Technology. Going through the technology of the amazing microscope.

LB1- Module 6 - Qualitative Live Blood Microscopy. Understanding live blood under the microscope; red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, exosomes, peripheral plaque and more. The qualitative live blood microscopy portion of this material covers 4 modules (this one plus modules 7, 8, & 9). This module breaks down into 53 segments over 5 sections.

LB1 - Module 7 - Recorded Lectures. 16 segments of recorded video of prior class lectures covering the understanding of Live Blood under the microscope.

LB2 - Module 8 - Live Blood Part 2. 22 segments in 3 sections expanding the peripheral plaque phenomenon with the work of Dr. Keiichi Morishita and the relationship of plaque formations to the Bong Han Vessel / Primo Vascular meridian system.

LB3 - Module 9 - Live Blood Part 3. A continuation on Live Blood microscopy with a summary overview on the contribution of Emanuel Revici MD.

PDT - Module 10 - The Pathology Determination Test - A Basis for Cancer Diagnosis. A simple clot retraction (Bolen modified) microscopy process pioneered at Spears Chiropractic Hospital in the 1950’s claiming 99% accuracy yet it is unknown in the medical field.

OST - Module 11 - The Oxidative Stress Test. Understanding oxidative clot retraction blood markers through simple microscopic testing. Also referred to by some as the Bolen or HLB (Heiten LaGarde Bradford) dry layer blood test.

OST - Module 12 - Recorded Lectures. Recorded videos of prior class lectures covering the PDT / dry layer / oxidative stress test.

PRA - Module 13 - Practicum Supplemental. Practice pointers and more. Doing white blood cell count differentials with your microscope using manual counters, understanding blood type, diets and lectins from A to Z, peripheral plaque ear lobe blood sampling...

FSA - Module 14 - Flow Systems Auditing. This module looks at getting the quantitative numbers that lie behind the qualitative microscopic picture using urine, saliva, meters, measures, and more. Walks through the core 5 homeostatic controls that are key to knowing the clients situational physiology; electrolyte status, lipid anabolic catabolic disposition, glucogenic ketogenic energy processing, autonomic balance, compartmental pH.

OMB - Module 15 - The Oral Microbiome. Identifying oral spirochetosis and more through the microscope and connecting the oral microbiome to overall health.

PRO - Module 16 - Protocols & Viewpoints. Covering diets, supplements, and practical applications of the periodic table of the elements vis a vis Emanuel Revici's incredible insights on its organization and way to use it to target mineral compounds for specific health issues.

URI - Module 17 - Urine Microscopy & More. Urine for a surprise as we cover not only the microscopy of urine using your microscope to uncover what it has to tell, but also the use of urine for biologically targeted individualized immunotherapy.

WTR - Module 18 - On Water. This module explores water as the fundamental universal healing medium as it records and holds information (viewable under the microscope as you will see) useful for correcting and restoring life processes.

BRC - Module 19 - The Biological Reset Center. Gearing up your health practice to incorporate regenerative, anti-aging and self-healing processes to create your own Biological Reset Center.

CYA - Module 20 - Inside Law. Guidelines in foundational law to help you work privately and protect your practice from government over-reach.

Biomedx VIP Members get lifetime access to...

The 'Core 20' Modules
biomedx workshop modules200x200

Our complete live hands-on workshop binder now online and always current along with select video recordings of prior live program sessions.

Live Class Coupon

Coupon for your first (or next) Biomedx Biotorium live hands-on workshop that locks in your program cost for the three and a half day workshop to $1000.

Member Offer Access
biomedx-special- offers

Periodic member offers that we acquire to special third party programs, group equipment discounts and other valuable assets as they become available.

You can become a Biomedx VIP for a single $997 one time payment.

Once you are on the inside as a VIP Member, you can extend your learning platform with ever more resources and material.

VIP Silver Extension

Get access to our Mentor Network and tap into Tutor Time.  This is where you can get one-on-one personal mentoring with a Biomedx team member.

If you are not able to attend a live workshop, you can get on-board with one or more instructors to take you through any core module material at any time. You can do this at your own pace and as your schedule permits through live one-on-one video sessions.

You can also follow up after a live workshop for more in depth coverage on a topic, pre-package a series of sessions with an instructor, do a single session on a topic of interest, mix instructors to get their take on different ways of doing this work, etc. Sessions are billed by time and that rate varies by tutor.

We have a selection of professionals on standby to expand this network when ready that will give you ever more options to brainstorm practice management areas, marketing ideas, clinical tools, cases you are working on, etc. 

Access Group Learning Channels. This is a premium channel access set up for members at a specific company, a clinic, for those attending a live workshop, or for those who desire a group learning experience but are unable to attend a live program.

These channels are set up on an as needed basis and will run for a set period of time with varying cost depending on program length and structure, content, number of instructors, etc.

When you join a learning channel all participants in your group can communicate with each other, with your instructor(s), ask questions, receive assignments, and go through one or more courses of the VIP membership or periodic bonus programs in a guided, more structured way.

Add a Partner Option. You can give your office staff access to a VIP membership with this Silver Extension for $750 per person. This cuts their enrollment cost in half as opposed to doing it on their own. Just like you they will have their own learning platform with their own private profile, they can tap the tutor network at any time and they can participate in group learning channels along with you or by themselves as they become available.

Bonus Media Content...

...The Articles and Papers Archive. Material and research papers supporting and expanding on this work.

...Explore! for the Professional. We have this historic alternative medicine magazine back issue archive direct from the publisher. Not every issue was available but what is offers a treasure trove of timeless articles that will give you insights on clinical practice, useful and in some cases unknown therapies, and much more.

With the VIP Silver Extension you can Tap into Tutor Time Anytime through our Mentor Network


Linda, Nancy and Steve are the in-house team instructors for all live workshops held at the Biomedx Biotorium in Chicago, the rest are our adjunct mentor team and advisory members. Everyone here is ready at anytime online, pending their own schedules, to help you meet your learning objectives with the material on this platform. You will learn more about each of them on the inside but briefly:

Linda is our resident unregistered nurse (and that would be unregistered by choice). A civilian ex-military medical trainer that was also a member of the US presidential emergency triage team is SE asia, she has boundless enthusiasm to teach others how to make health a natural extension of everyday living and engages educational microscopy as a prime tool to do it.

Nancy has worked for more alternative health ODs and MDs doing microscope work for them than probably anyone; Dr. Mercola, Busse, Felice, Mauer and many more. Having studied with numerous instructors of the technology that virtually make up the who's who list in this field, like Linda, she has total enthusiasm for this work and is always ready to share her insights.

Brandi had to medically retire from the Fresno County Sheriff's office back in 1998 which led her to wholeheartedly pursue alternative health concepts. Healed and now controlling her own health, she has managed and worked with numerous health food and holistic centers since. As a whole life coach and trainer, she uses microscopy to empower people to health in new ways.

Anil is a medical doctor who took his first Biomedx training at age 19 as a microbiology pre-med student. Besides being a busy MD, he's an author, entrepreneur, institute CEO, functional med guru, and more. When you want to dig into the medical aspects and research that support the Biomedx philosophy, he's your guy.

Debra is a registered pharmacist by trade with a broad biological background who deeply understands pharmaco dynamics and life processes. Fully embracing a natural approach to wellness in her very focused practice, she is well versed on integrating a flow systems auditing approach with microscopy.

David is a naturopathic doctor in family clinical practice specializing in regenerative and immuno specific therapies. He loves naturopathic medicine and deeply exploring all technologies and paths that can help people heal along with brainstorming ideas at every level to help move this field into greater awareness and give it the recognition it deserves.

Jim has the distinction of being a former licensed attorney who has become an independent health coach. Jim was also a microscopist for the Mercola clinic. While fully embracing natural health work and coaching others, he still has a passion for the original intent of US law and the constitutional protections afforded independent health care practitioners.

Steve is the founder, program and workshop developer, content writer, tinkerer, researcher, tech guy, and everything else that is Biomedx.

More Mentors can be added on the inside as warranted, each with their own unique stories and ready to help you excel with this work.


Group Learning Channels. These can be set up for members at a specific company, a clinic, for those attending a live workshop, or for individuals who desire a group learning experience but are unable to attend a live program.

The channels offer a way for all participants in a group to communicate with each other and their instructor(s), ask questions, receive assignments, and go through one or more courses of the VIP membership in a guided, more structured way.


An ever expanding archive of research reports, articles and papers supportive of, and expanding on, the work covered in our modules.


Explore! for the Professional. The publisher's available archive of this historic alt med magazine. Years ahead of its time and filled with info that never ages.


Give staff their own learning platform here for just $750 each. Engage them in your plans, share your studies, participate in group learning channels.

Recap: The VIP Silver Extension gets you lifetime access to...

Our Private Tutor Platform. Get one-on-one personal mentoring with a Biomedx team member as desired.

Group Learning Channels. Ability to engage a group channel to go through one or more course modules of your VIP membership or periodic bonus programs in a guided, more structured way.

The Articles and Papers Archive giving you targeted research material that supports and expands on the many aspects of this work.

Explore! for the Professional, the historic alternative medicine magazine from the publisher’s archive.

Ability to add office staff to give them their own learning platform here with all Silver Extension benefits for just $750 per seat.

When you are on the inside you can add a VIP Silver Extension to your platform for a $500 one time payment.

You can also add...

The VIP Gold Extension

The VIP Gold Extension is huge. Here you will find....

Certificate Paths with exam study guides and assessment testing allowing you to gain various certificates for your studies on this platform covering educational microscopy, flow auditing of biological terrain and epigenetics, practitioner health advocacy.

Supplemental Modules that go deeper into core topics that help expand and extend your learning and understanding of key subjects that are encompassed here. Some of these modules are important to and support the Certificate tracks.

Bonus Media Content...

The Book Repository. Access to out of print reference textbooks that offer key insights and support this whole body of work.

Audio Tracks and Podcasts. Selections you can listen to here or download to your phone to learn on-the-go.

Video Tracks and Vlogcasts.  Selections we have previously made but never released, made anew, or have somewhere discovered that we think will be of great interest to our members.

This media content is a Gold Extension bonus and meant to be built out over time. Like the Articles and Papers Archive, it will be a continual process of adding material as it is made available for upload.

Certificate Paths


The study guides and assessment exams for what some call 'Live Blood Analysis'. We frame this concept differently and successful completion of this module awards a certificate which expresses your understanding of Qualitative Live Cell Microscopy for clinical EDU and audit application.


The study guides and assessment exams covering the epigenetic perspective of biological terrain theory and Flow Auditing processes. Completion awards a certificate expressing your understanding of how to use meters, measures and more in client engagement.


After completion of the prior two certificate modules, this adds study guides and assessment exams covering a wider range of material important for understanding and imparting to clients the plethora of modalities available that offer them safe, optimal health care.

Note: When you use your coupon to attend a live hands-on workshop at the Biomedx Biotorium, you get a specific certificate for that live program itself.

Supplemental Learning Modules

Two current supplemental modules in the VIP Gold Extension:

Dr. TC McDaniel Seminar on Zeta Potential

We visited with Dr. McDaniel at his Cincinnati clinic shortly before he retired (at age 89) to record what was probably his last presentation on zeta potential sharing what it has done for him and can do for you in your own clinic.

Legal Guidelines for Health Practitoners

Former attorney Jim Jordan, one of our tutor/mentors, presents a constitutional journey into law before a live audience showing how you can and should structure  specific constitutional protections into your practice.

The release of supplemental modules for the VIP Gold Extension is planned to be an ongoing occurrence. Here are some others currently in the works:


EVXO - Extracellular Vesicles and Exosomes. This module delves into this burgeoing field that was introduced in the live workshop program in 2018. You will find it referenced in our Core 20 LB1 module. It updates older terminology that has been used by some in the live blood microscopy arena for years and updates ways of looking at what is being seen in the plasma environment as well.

HSB+ - Health Science Basics Plus. This extends the monographs of the Core 20 Health Science Basics material with many more areas of interest taking deeper dives into bacteriology, immunology,  parasitology, mycology, and numerous medical school trainings.

EPHY - Exercise Physiology.  In the live workshop as part of the Rot & Rust dialogue on day one we discuss a highly effective exercise modality with very short time committment as both an easier way for clients to engage in exercise to change their physiology, and as a way to avoid excess catabolic stress that most people endure with their existing gym routines (if they exercise at all.) This module goes deeper into it along with looking further at von Ardennes oxygen reset exercise and more.

PHRM - Pharmacology. With the rise of Rx drugs prescribed like candy to so many patients by main stream medicine, we devote a module to pharmacology to tune you in to prescription drugs and the thought processes and practices which are pervasive in health care today. This can also be an important area if you are working as a Practitioner Health Advocate in a more traditional medical environment that is starting to incorporate a wellness perspective into the practice.

The Revici Papers - The work of Emanuel Revici and thinking through physiology with his constructs is fundamental throughout our program as it provides for a much deeper understanding of health. This module covers his numerous patents which provide more insight into what is possible when knowing physiology and chemistry the way Revici lays it out.

The Reams File - The work of Carey Reams is peripheral to our program and while his lab chemistry process is not directly incorporated into our own, we do pay attention to the many golden nuggets of information that are derivative of his work. This module shares those nuggets through his own words and those of others that have taught with him over the years. It's about connecting his biological theory of ionization from the soil of the earth to the soil of the body.

Bonus Media Content


The book repository is where we put textbooks and historical finds that support this work but are out of print. Three examples:

Research in Physiopathology as Basis of Guided Chemotherapy with Special Application to Cancer, by Emanuel Revici, MD. This is one of the most important works of the 20th century, key to deeply understanding biological terrain and effectively managing health care clients.

Oxidology, the Study of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Their Metabolism in Health and Disease, by Robert Bradford and Henry Allen. This is the textbook covering the chemistry responsible for the microscopic findings of the OST - oxidative (dry layer) stress test.

The Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential, by Thomas Riddick. The book that Dr. TC McDaniel held as his clinical bible and referenced as one of the greatest contributions ever made to health care (which never made it into mainstream health care's academic curriculums.)

The Gold Extension also gives you curated audio and video material, never released workshop recordings and more.


Recap: The VIP Gold Extension gets you lifetime access to...

Certificate Paths to gain various certificates for your studies on this platform.

Supplemental Modules to expand and extend your learning and understanding of all this material.

Book Repository for out of print reference textbooks that offer key insights and support for this whole body of work.

Audio Tracks and Podcasts. Selections you can listen to here or download to your phone to learn on-the-go.

Video Tracks and Vlogcasts.  Video selections never released, made anew, select video discoveries of interest.

Add a VIP Gold Extension to your Membership anytime and get lifetime access to the material for a one time $997 payment.

And then there's some extra special things...

The VIP Platinum Projects

These are special projects that will be available to all Biomedx VIPs when they are ready to roll out. Projects currently being worked on will fall under our Business Resources Section with a Marketing and Promotion module as highlighted below...


While you can have all the best processes to use with your clients, if you don't have clients or enough of them, that's a problem. Getting traffic into your business, from help with website development to putting you on the internet map, is what the Marketing and Promotions Module is about.  Here are two elements for this module in development...


We've engaged a creative team that has moved artificial intelligence into the marketing arena to put your business on the map. And that map is world wide.

Step 1, put your key practice information into the program. Step 2, the program uses that information to create slideshows, PDFs,  videos, audios and blogs of your business. Step 3, the program fires that material into known media channels worldwide.


Why would you want a world presence from these distribution channels for your local health business?

Because when your local customer searches for a health provider, you will dominate their search with your information that has been gleaned from respectable websites worldwide, all referring back to your practice. Imagine that! This in turn, drives those customers to you, and it's done all without trying to figure out Facebook ads, SEO, etc.


We're keeping the title of this project under wraps for now but we're pretty sure it will excite you greatly.

Your microscope is a tool to take people on a fantastic voyage to explore the smaller things in life - like the smaller things in their blood! The educational impact of this is HUGE.

Through children's books on this topic and a parent's guide to those books, you will be engaging clients with children on a whole new level for health care. Besides bringing children into the sphere of healthy thinking, you will also be bringing them into an area of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in a healthy positive way.

The community outreach, networking, PR and positive influence you can engender with this program can launch you into the stratosphere.

There are other lofty topics, projects and modules that are on the drawing board but for now we'll just say...

If you like what you see and want to get involved, please join.

We'd love to have you as one of our VIPs.

Biomedx VIP Membership

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Terms and Conditions

When you pay for a VIP membership it gets you access to this Biomedx EDU platform. This platform contains all of the material we have used and do use in our live hands-on workshops at the Biomedx Biotorium Health Learning Lab plus peripheral supporting material and a lot more. It is expected to be an evolving platform.

We reserve the right to change/increase prices for this membership as well as to close the platform at any time to new members. When you join, the price you pay at that time is locked and there is no further cost. You may add extensions to your membership at any time at the then current price for that extension as it may be available. 

Platform Updates. Educational material on this platform is not static, meaning it can be updated with new information, video explanations, additional modules for extensions, projects and more at any time. At some point the producer(s) of the platform may exhaust their educational supply, or be exhausted from doing any more platform work, in which case the platform may experience stasis for a period of time or indefinitely.

Changelog. From the point of time you enroll as a member and view a module, there may have been changes, subtractions or additions to that module. View the changelog tab on your Member Home page to learn of any changes to platform material.

No Restrictions to Access. We believe learning is for everyone and do not limit our live workshops nor this platform to any one class of people, like only licensed health care practitioners. If you have an interest in what we offer and want to dig deeply into aspects of health science that in some measure, is totally absent from mainstream health education academia, then we welcome you as a member to the platform whatever your path.

Lifetime membership. This means there are no other recurring fees for your membership on the platform and as long as it exists you will have access.

Refunds. This material is specific to the natural health and alternative/complementary medicine arena. You should know that this is the type of information you want to have access before you join as once you do join, there are no refunds. Reasons of "I changed my mind" "it's not for me" "I don't like it" "my dog ate my computer", or whatever, are not entertained. When you join we give you lifetime access and that's it, you're in it.

Termination. If you do not log into the system platform for a period of two years from your last login, your access and account on the platform may be terminated because for all we know, you have met your demise, you've been abducted by aliens or have gone with Elon Musk to Mars and are no longer on earth, or you have just lost interest.

Your access can also be terminated if you are abusive to others on the platform, if it is discovered your user name and password is being used by someone other than you (determined in various ways like IP address access, dual login, etc.), if it is found you are copying the material to use on a competing platform, if you are publicly sharing the platform material without our consent, or anything else we deem abusive and warrants termination.

Content. All content is put forth for educational purpose and not as health advice irrespective of any perceptions you may hold from going through the material as well as when interfacing with platform instructors/tutors/mentors. If you need such health advice, see a competent health care practitioner.

Liability. In using this platform you agree that no liability extends to Biomedx, its staff or the tutor/mentors you might access for providing you this education and information, and likewise they assume no liability for your use or misuse of the information received.

Responsibility. You agree to assume full responsibility for adherence to any applicable law or regulation which may govern your use of this information in the public sphere.

Private. The content of this platform is private and may contain or encompass trade secrets. Beyond sharing aspects of it with your own private clients, you agree to never copy or disseminate this information without express written authorization.

Retained Right. You acknowledge that you join and use this platform under retained right exercising your freedom of choice regarding your own private education where health and other related matters are concerned.

No Safe Space. Political correctness in medicine, science, or otherwise, is not entertained here. You acknowledge this is not a mainstream college or university type platform with any form of 'safe space' provided to hide you from truths, concepts or expressed thoughts that may upset you. If you need protection from challenging ideas, concepts, debate, and prefer to be told what to think, colleges and universities with big tuitions may be more appropriate for you. This is not that.

Change in Terms. We reserve the right to update and change these terms and conditions at any time.

Biomedx EDU is the online platform for our LearnWell initiative.
That is Learn Well as in Learn Wellness!

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